Une Terrasse a Paris

Une Terrasse a Paris

The famous "Aperitif a-la-Francaise",  a pre-lunch or dinner moment of sharing with friends or family.
Enjoy also our savoury snacks and assorted drinks for a joyful Pic-Nic..

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Almonds & Nyons Olives Croquets from Provence

"Croquet de Provence" is a small savoury biscuit, finely cut with a crispy texture. The delicate ass..

SGD8.90 SGD4.45 Ex Tax: SGD4.16

Tomato Shortbreads

Tomato Shortbreads Hédiard invites you to discover a tasty shortbread lifted by an intense flavour o..

SGD5.90 Ex Tax: SGD5.51

Bergeron Apricot From Vallee Du Rhone Nectar - 250ml

This surprisingly yellow saffron color nectar is produced from fresh apricots from the Bergeron vari..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45

Orange From Spain Juice - 250ml

Made by craftsmen from fresh oranges grown in Spain, Hédiard orange juice immediately surprises..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45

Pear Williams From Monts Du Lyonnais Nectar - 250ml

The smooth texture of this nectar comes from the melting and thin flesh of pears Williams that const..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45

Red Tomato From Pays Viennois Juice - 250ml

This tomato juice has its intense red color from fresh tomatoes grown in open fields in the Pays Vie..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45

Sheep Cheese Sticks By 8 (Box 40g)

A family recipe dating back to 1976, these delicate sticks have a soft texture and a pronounced shee..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45

Yellow Peach From Vallee Du Rhone Nectar - 250ml

This nectar with its stunning texture is made from yellow peaches particularly flavored and juicy.Ha..

SGD6.90 Ex Tax: SGD6.45