Paris is often referred to as the city of love. Hédiard celebrates days of love in typically French fashion with special collections dedicated to passion: the intensity of red and passion fruits and the sweetness of chocolate offer a delicious ensemble. A sheer delight, a tender gift for that special person in your life.


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Hediard dragees in a clear heart-shaped box - 90g

Delicious fine sugar coated almonds to celebrate a birth, a wedding, a baptism or as a cute gift to ..

SGD 17.90 Ex Tax: SGD 16.73

15 Guimauves Aux Fruits - Fruits Marshmallows in clear box 155 g

Hédiard presents you one of its new creation : fruit marshmallows. Hand-made prepared with genuine f..

SGD 27.90 Ex Tax: SGD 26.07

Souvenir de Paris - Almonds coated with shiny chocolate - 280g

In a Hediard Paris monuments round metal box:Almonds coated with shiny chocolate 280gr..

SGD 47.90 Ex Tax: SGD 44.77

Purple Rose for Maman Poule

In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag with ribbon (124094):Guimauve milk chocolate chicks mashmallows - (127115..

SGD 49.00 Ex Tax: SGD 45.79

Tenderly Cherry

In a red Hediard Gift Box - (124436):4 Red Fruits Tea - Metal Box 25g - (6429)Dark Chocolate Coated ..

SGD 58.00 Ex Tax: SGD 54.21

Red Rose for Heart

In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag with ribbon (124094):Poptin Melange Hd Tea - (124426)Raspberry Jam - (125..

SGD 59.00 Ex Tax: SGD 55.14

Rose & Tea for Two

In a Hediard gift bag - (124094):Rose Cordial - (126518)Poptin Tea Fruit Blend 100g - (122461)..

SGD 65.00 Ex Tax: SGD 60.75

Pink Rose for Miss Flower

In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag with ribbon (124094):Milk Chocolate Miss Flower 80g - (127128)Rose Cordia..

SGD 69.00 Ex Tax: SGD 64.49

Un amour de Framboise

In a Hediard red gift box - (124459):Raspberry Jam - (125916)Dark Chocolate Raspberry 70% Cocoa 80g ..

SGD 75.00 Ex Tax: SGD 70.09