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This year's Easter, Hédiard launches its new exclusive collection «The Easter Barn». Inspired by traditional farmyards, our chocolate maker converts iconic animals into creative and delicious chocolate creations.

When the bells ring, we can find in the barnyard the milk chocolate Easter bunny next to a black chocolate rooster. Discover our cute little chicks with vanilla marshmallows hearts and chocolate eggs made with hazelnut or Gianduja.

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"Lapinou Fou" Chocolate Egg-shaped Rabbit

Hédiard revisits the famous bunny as a milk chocolate lollipop for all the little gourmets’ greatest..

SGD 12.00 SGD 8.40 Ex Tax: SGD 7.85

Guimauves de Pâques "Chocolate Marshmallows"

In the shape of little chicks, these melting marshmallows flavoured with natural vanilla extract and..

SGD 34.00 Ex Tax: SGD 31.78

"Miss Flower" Milk Chocolate Rabbit

Either on her own or together with Mister Karotte, Miss Flower will be hard to resist to…. Let yours..

SGD 49.00 Ex Tax: SGD 45.79

"Mister Karotte" Dark Chocolate Rabbit

Elegant and irresistible, Mister Karotte offers you all the intensity of dark chocolate with 70% coc..

SGD 49.00 Ex Tax: SGD 45.79