Auspicious Gifts

Auspicious Gifts

The Collection to wish them Luck, Fortune, Success, Happiness, Prosperity & Health

Anyone wishing to make an impact with their gifts – whether personal or corporate - has at their fingertips a fascinating range of auspicious gift hampers and boxes all with the prestigious Hédiard hallmark.


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Ferdinand d Or Milk Chocolate Golden Coins

Bag of Hediard Ferdinand Gold-encapsulated Milk chocolate coins (180g) An ideal "prosperity" g..

SGD 19.95 Ex Tax: SGD 18.64

8 Pineapple Tarts In metal box

In a Hediard Collector metal box:8 Pineapple tarts..

SGD 23.80 Ex Tax: SGD 22.24

Lucky Duo

In a Hediard Luxe Rectangular Paper Bag - (124094)Hediard Red Gift Box (124436)Sliced Oranges Jam - ..

SGD 48.80 Ex Tax: SGD 45.61

Lucky Trio

In a Hediard Red Metal Box:Pineapple Fine Jam 110g - (126445)Orange Marmelade 110ogr - (126449)Apric..

SGD 48.80 Ex Tax: SGD 45.61

Sharing Happiness

In a Red Hediard Metal Box - (124009):Orange Marmelade 110ogr - (126449)Ferdinand Golden Coins Milk ..

SGD 80.00 Ex Tax: SGD 74.77

Prosper & Tea

In a Hediard Luxe Rectangular Paper Bag - (124094)Clear Box Of 3 Candied Chestnuts - (121974)Sliced ..

SGD 98.00 Ex Tax: SGD 91.59

Fortune & Luck

In a Hediard Red Gift Box - (126561)Ferdinand Golden Coins Milk Choco - (124279)8 Pineapple Tarts In..

SGD 108.00 Ex Tax: SGD 100.93

The Gift of Abundance

In a Hediard Red Hat Box - (126562)Ferdinand Golden Coins Milk Choco - (124279)Orange From Spain Jui..

SGD 138.00 Ex Tax: SGD 128.97