Hediard Singapore Pte Ltd has ceased its activity definitively. If you are interested by the causes, which are not related to the Covid19 pandemic, you can contact the directors at the below link. Thank you for your past business and support. We wish you all to stay safe during this containment period and that you have appreciated our 16 years of absolute dedication to the 1854 brand...

Paris, France

Paris, France
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7 "Dragees" in an organza white pouch 7 "Dragees" in an organza white pouch
Sold Out
Points: 23
White Avola Sugar coated Almonds “Dragees” in an organza white pouchWeight ~21g (7 pcs) ..
SGD 4.90 Ex Tax:SGD 4.58
Les Creations De Ferdinand A Paris Coffee - Ground Coffee Tin 250g
Sold Out
Points: 116
In a Metal Tin 250g, Ground Coffee Blend Of Arabica Crus - Paris (Light) Product information Light to medium roast. A coffee that is both balanced and full of flavour with notes of hazelnut. A suave blend with a persistent finish. Hédiard coffees benefit from slow roasting, enabling the flavour and..
SGD 24.90 Ex Tax:SGD 23.27
Souvenir de Paris - Almonds coated with shiny chocolate - 280g Souvenir de Paris - Almonds coated with shiny chocolate - 280g
Sold Out
Points: 224
In a Hediard Paris monuments round metal box: Almonds coated with shiny chocolate 280gr..
SGD 47.90 Ex Tax:SGD 44.77
Paris Signature Paris Signature
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Points: 766
In a red Hediard round hat box: 1x clear bag with almonds coated with chocolates 200gr 1x clear box with sugar coated fine almonds multi-coloured 130gr 1x Box of assorted fruit jellies in red box 160gr 1x Jar of strawberry and wild strawberry jam 375gr 1x Gouda cheese crispies 100gr 1x Mont..
SGD 164.00 Ex Tax:SGD 153.27
Le Coffret Paris Gift Box
Sold Out
Points: 1164
In a Hediard Gift Box: Pure butter "galettes" in a Hédiard Madeleine tin 200g Madeleine blend tea 125g Hédiard Brut Champagne 37.5cl Chocolate Eiffel Tower 55g Duck rillettes with 25% foie gras 190g "Paris" salted butter caramel lollipop 150g, Cinnamon Stars biscuits - ..
SGD 249.00 Ex Tax:SGD 232.71
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