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From grand cru teas and coffees to tasty fruit jellies, and from intensely fruity marmalades to exotic spices and chocolates, the exceptional flavors of Hédiard's iconic products are what make our signature gift selections truly special. A sensorial experience for all gourmet consumers.
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Our jamsOnly perfect fruits make perfect jams said Robert Kusel, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Hédiard, and who ran the family company in the 1930s.From its origins, La Maison Hédiard took great care of the elaboration of techniques to transform and preserve fruits.Today, a wide range of fruit and floral concoctions, including Mara des Bois strawberry preserve, bitter orange marmalade, and rose-petal jam make for a delightful sweet treat for gourmet consumers at any time of the day...
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Our fruit jelliesHédiard's aim for its fruit jellies is to extract the very essence of the fruit. This ambition was embodied back in 1900 by Max Kusel who, charmed by the fruit jellies on the Brazil stand at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, worked relentlessly to recreate their recipe and their authentic fruit taste. This icon of the Hédiard range is still the subject of very close attention. Each fruit is carefully selected and harvested at its peak to ensure an unrivalled rich flavor...
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Our teasBecause tea is an art in its own right, Hédiard is passionate about selecting the teas from the very best origins and each year, offers a selection of exclusive blends. Grown in tea gardens of international renown from around the world, our grands crus teas come from Darjeeling or Assam in India, Yunnan in China, and many other regions besides. White teas, green teas, black teas, smoked or flavoured teas, every blend is a voyage of discovery...
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Our coffeesCoffee is a beverage for connoisseurs. And that is why Hédiard has selected a wide variety coffees that are reputed for their aroma and sophistication, perpetuating the tradition of discovery that made its reputation.Hédiard will take you on a journey of discovery around the world with its coffees hailing from Ethiopia, Colombia, or even Laos. Whether light, mellow, or full-bodied, Hédiard coffees all undergo a slow roasting process that is indispensable for developing their aromatic ..
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Our spicesHédiard spices, with their charming aromas and exclusive flavours, are a veritable olfactory experience.This extremely diverse range is packed with carefully selected products from every corner of the globe. Along with these little-known spices is a range of exclusive seasoning mixes to liven up any dish. For instance, the Hédiard Spice Mix - a blend of our most iconic spices - and the Hung Liu Spice Mix - comprising five different flavours - are recognizable amongst all...
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Our Chocolates & ConfectioneryHédiard's fine chocolates are made using the very best grand cru cocoa beans. Their powerful flavours and velvety textures will delight the most sophisticated gourmet palates. From melting ganache to delicate pralines, a wide range of confectionery specialties such as marrons glacés, Calissons and Orangettes are enhanced in Hédiard's luxury boxes. Prepared in our own workshops, our confectionary hampers encompass a wide range of sweet treats. They will delight the f..
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Our CellarWith a wide range of wines, champagnes and spirits, the Hédiard Cellar holds a collection of the very highest quality bottles from France, Europe, and around the world, including some exceptional crus.You will discover amongst them Hédiard's own champagne from the cellars of Mailly Grand Cru, classified grand cru in 1920 and voted best French cooperative cellar in 2015. You will also find a sharp selection of the finest wines from the most prestigious producers, including Champagne hou..
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Our gift hampersA pioneer of luxury groceries since 1854, Hédiard was also a precursor of the art of gifting. Since its creation, the Hédiard founders have developed a unique talent for composing gourmet selections and luxury fruit baskets. Still prepared today in Hédiard's workshop, our gift selections continue to dazzle, from a little gesture to a prestigious hamper, whether a savoury delight, a confectionery treat, or a temptation from the cellar...
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