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Founder of its Parisian delicatessen in 1854, Ferdinand Hédiard was a genuine pioneer in the selection of products that are the world’s finest. A century and a half later, La Maison Hédiard continues to honour this heritage by offering only the very best flavours and exceptional hampers.
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1848 Ferdinand Hediard,the « stationary traveler »Ferdinand Hédiard was the son of artisans, and as a young man, seemed destined to perpetuate the family tradition. At the age of 14, he signed on as a carpenter's apprentice and embarked on the famous Tour de France as a journeyman to hone his skills.In 1848, this journey led him to the port of Le Havre, where one December morning, he discovered with wonderment the profusion of exotic products being unloaded on the quayside: Sacks of sugar and barrels of rum from Guadeloupe, crates of cocoa beans and coffee from Martinique, and fabulous fruit from the far side of the world.This spectacular scene changed the course of his life. He decided to give up carpentry and set up in Paris to sell these rare foodstuffs that captured his imagination. ..
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1850 The merchantof the four seasonsStill a teenager, Ferdinand Hédiard was already thinking big. He began his Parisian venture with a modest cart that he acquired in 1850. Piled high with bananas, mangoes and other tropical fruit, he pitched it at the foot of the statue of Louis XIV in the Place des Victoires.He soon caught the attention of passers-by, who were intrigued by his unusual produce and quizzed him about its provenance. His gamble had paid off. He had a growing clientele of curious locals and artists, all in search of new flavours and keen to discover his latest marvels. Legend has it that Alexandre Dumas received his first pineapple from the hands of Ferdinand Hédiard. ..
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1854 The « Comptoir »the first Hédiard storeEncouraged by this success, Ferdinand Hédiard took out a patent and decided to open a permanent store. He opened the first Hédiard store in Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette*, which he called Le Comptoir des Epices et des Colonies: the Spices and Colonies Store.His unique talent for sourcing products meant he only offered the very best. He also had an innate sense for display, presenting his goods with panache in wooden crates and wicker baskets. Parisian high society was drawn to this colourful, bountiful boutique with its stimulating aromas, all eager to sample Hédiard's latest finds.(The first Hédiard Boutique in Paris, on Notre Dame de Laurette street) ..
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1867 Recognitionfrom his peersIn 1867, Napoleon III held the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Among the 43,000 exhibitors, the Maison Hédiard particularly stood out for the quality of its products. The newspaper L'Officiel published a letter from the Minister of the Marine, in which he praised the excellence of Hédiard's vanilla.This was the start of a tradition of official honours. Today, Hédiard has more than 120 medals recognizing its savoir-faire, a collection of national and international awards which underlines its leading place in the French fine grocery trade. ..
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1870 Hediard opens onPlace de la MadeleineFerdinand Hédiard acquired a second store in 1870, on Place de la Madeleine. Since the end of the Church of the Madeleine restoration work, the neighbourhood had become very fashionable and the Place de la Madeleine a hub of Parisian gastronomy.In 1886, the store in Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette was sold. The store in Place de la Madeleine became the Hédiard flagship, which it still remains, a century-and-a-half later. The Hédiard store in the Place de la Madeleine offered a wide range of exotic products, which gave the premises a special atmosphere. Hédiard became a destination in itself, and Ferdinand's success was dazzling.Parisians flocked to this unique delicatessen, fascinated by the exceptional products on display and hungry to discover the new taste experiences offered by the store. A loyal clientele of celebrities contributed to Hédiard's reputation: Colette, Lucien Guitry, Marlène Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, and Tristan Bern..
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1890 Max Kusel: fruit jelliesto perfectionBy then, Ferdinand Hédiard's son-in-law Max Kusel had taken over running the store. It was during the Universal Exhibition of 1890 that Kusel first came across fruit jellies on the Brazil stand.At the time a genuine luxury product, Kusel first planned to import jellies from Brazil, but he then resolved to master the production process and make them himself. He and his team worked tirelessly to develop the perfect recipe: A melt-in-the-mouth jelly with an intense flavor. The fruit jellies were made and moulded on a daily basis in an adjacent workshop, using fresh ingredients sold in the boutique.Max Kusel continued to invent more original products: Spices, herbs and peppers were sold in little bottles; an old coffee machine was used to roast dried fruit which was then rolled in Arabic gum before being salted, dried and sold. The Hédiard store was a place for all kinds of discoveries.(Family portrait of Max Kusel, his wife and their childrens) ..
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1935 Hédiard inventsthe art of the gift boxAfter Max, his son Jean Kusel took over the business and continued his father's pursuit of new products. He developed the production of fruit syrups and candied fruit.But it was the creativity of his sister Germaine which allowed Hédiard to innovate in a very particular sector: gifting. Her most influential creation was the Hédiard basket, an extravagantly exotic cornucopia which quickly established itself as the essential offering for any social invitation. These baskets were the precursor of the gift box in all its forms.Cocteau, Diaghilev and Paul Morand were among the first to gift these baskets, declaring themselves friends of the magnificent and sophisticated «Madame H.»Germaine Kusel's fruits hampers(Portrait of Jean Kusel and Germaine Kusel's fruits hampers) ..
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1954 French luxuryat the Comité ColbertIn 1954, Hédiard was among the 15 founding members of the newly-formed Comité Colbert. Created on the initiative of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, the committee bears the name of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, superintendent of buildings for Louis XIV, responsible for arts and manufacturing.From its beginnings, it has brought together companies exporting savoir-faire and creativity from 13 sectors which represent the full range of the French art of fine living.The Comité Colbert today comprises 80 members. It embodies French refinement and projects a vision of luxury in the world, of which Hédiard is a leading ambassador...
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1960 Hédiard,sets out to conquer FranceBuilding on more than a century of success, Hédiard started to develop its presence in Paris, opening stores in the capital's most prestigious neighborhoods. Then Hédiard opened in other French cities, giving a wider public access to its exceptional products.(Outside the Hédiard boutique at Place de la Madeleine)..
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1970 Hédiard,International expansionDuring the 1970s, the Hédiard name was exported throughout the world, to the very places which inspired the young Ferdinand. This began with the runaway success of the Maison Hédiard in Japan in 1973, and was followed by stores in South Korea, Madagascar and Singapore, to name but a few.(Hédiard boutique in Singapour)..
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2007 Hédiard,a living heritage companyIn 2007, the French government awarded Hédiard the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or «living heritage company» label. This label is a mark of recognition from the state that is designed to distinguish French companies with outstanding artisanal expertise.This is a genuine honor for Hédiard, which remains true to its founder's wishes to develop the values and authentic savoir-faire of French luxury grocery for more than 150 years...
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