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The Singapore Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese celebration when they found that the movement of the moon was linked to the changing seasons and agricultural production. The harvest is therefore celebrated in this way to express gratitude to the Moon. The making and sharing of mooncakes with family and friends is one of the distinctive traditions of this festival.

Chinese culture, the round shape symbolizes completeness and reunion. Traditionally, on the night of the festival, an elderly family member would cut the Mooncakes into pieces and distribute them to everyone, meaning family reunification. 

Without a doubt, baked mooncakes are the main attraction of the mid-autumn festival. You will find mooncake filling flavours in many variants, from the traditional lotus seed paste and salted egg yolks, red bean, white lotus seed, melon seed, black sesame or snowskin mooncakes with various fillings.

Traditional Mooncakes are particularly appreciated with a cup of strong Chinese tea. Contact us for customization and special flavors including: Plain Green tea, Plain Coffee, Black Tea with single yolk, Lotus paste with single yolk, White lotus four yolks, Lotus paste single or double yolk melon seed, Lotus paste macadamia nuts, Red bean melon seeds, Pandan paste melon seeds, Chempedak paste macadamian nuts.

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