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Looking up to sky, noses quivering, and taste buds titillating… This Easter, bells chime irresistible chocolate-flavoured tunes! HÉDIARD celebrates the rebirth of colors with a selection of succulent chocolates with lively, very “pop” tones and coloured treats which punctuate a range of eggs and subjects with children’s shapes with a joyous, unexpected note. Dark or milk chocolate, the best ingredients were selected to make these HÉDIARD Easter chocolates. A pleasure for the eyes and a tickle for the taste buds, these sweets, in infinite nuances, will delight all chocolate lovers! The association of soft and crunchy textures has a thousand and one tastes. Plenty of surprises to discover.
Discover the whole Easter universe with the traditional chocolate miniatures assortment. This 'rural' assortment features dark chocolate 55% as well as milk chocolate subjects 35%.Weight: 200g..
SGD 29.90 Ex Tax:SGD 27.94
Prepared with deliciously roasted almonds, these exquisite sugar-coated chocolate candies are coated with Gianduja milk chocolate.A playful set of Easter eggs and a real gourmet treat.Weight: 230g..
SGD 34.90 Ex Tax:SGD 32.62
Rediscover the traditional Easter eggs with this gourmet assortment combining dark chocolate ganaches with raspberry pulp, milk chocolate ganaches with crème brûlée and crispy pralines made from almonds and hazelnuts.A little chocolate surprise to hide in the garden and enjoy without moderation!Weig..
SGD 39.90 Ex Tax:SGD 37.29
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