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Coffrets Aperitifs

Coffrets Aperitifs

More commonly called the "Apero" by the French, this selection of assortments will delight your guests for a thematic moment of tasting before lunch or dinner.

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Points: 290
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Nyons Olives Croquants 40g - (124656)Mushrooms Truffle Cream 100g - (126492)Eggplant Caviar 90g - (126489)Savoury Crunchy Tomato 35g - (126475)..
SGD 62.00 Ex Tax:SGD 57.94
Points: 341
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Green Pepper Thuna Rillettes - (126485)Organic Salmon Rillettes - (126483)Saint Jacques Scallop Rillettes - (126484)Sardines In Iron Box - (126482)..
SGD 73.00 Ex Tax:SGD 68.22
Points: 355
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Yellow Peach From Vallee Du Rhone Nectar - (126540)Red Tomato From Pays Viennois Juice - (126541)Nyons Olives Croquants 40g - (124656)Red Pepper Paste 90g - (126490)Cashew Nuts From India - (18363)..
SGD 76.00 Ex Tax:SGD 71.03
Points: 407
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Green Olives From Lucques - (126528)Strawberry From Monts Du Lyonnais Nectar - (126545)Green Pepper Thuna Rillettes - (126485)Anchovy Paste 90g - (126488)Nyons Olives Croquants 40g - (124656)..
SGD 87.00 Ex Tax:SGD 81.31
Points: 411
In a Hediard Gift Box: Duck pâté in Armagnac 90g Artichoke delight 100g Tomato shortbreads 35g "Louisiane" mix of roasted nuts 85g, Lucques green olives 200g ..
SGD 88.00 Ex Tax:SGD 82.24
Points: 421
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Duck Rillette - (126530)Sardines In Iron Box - (126482)Bergeron Apricot From Vallee Du Rhone Nectar - (126539)Green Olives From Lucques - (126528)Gouda Cheese Crispies - (124649)..
SGD 90.00 Ex Tax:SGD 84.11
Points: 430
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Bordeaux Superieur Red Hediard 2012 37.5cl - (125375)Savory Crunchy Cantal 120g - (126533)Cashew Nuts From India - (18363)Savoury Crunchy Tomato 35g - (126475)..
SGD 92.00 Ex Tax:SGD 85.98
Points: 467
In a Hediard stappled Wooden Box (123354): Mecker Raspberry From Monts Du Lyonnais Nectar - (126546)Almonds From California - (18364)Gouda Cheese Crispies - (124649)Graves Hediard 2014 37.5cl - (126284)..
SGD 100.00 Ex Tax:SGD 93.46
Points: 500
In a Hediard Gift Box: Tuna rillettes with green pepper 90g Anchovy paste 90g Vintage sardines 115g Organic salmon rillettes 90g Hédiard Chablis 2014 37.5cl ..
SGD 107.00 Ex Tax:SGD 100.00
Points: 1210
In a wicker basket: 1 Whole duck foie gras 50g 1 Duck terrine with green pepper 6.34 oz, 1 Gouda cheese crispies 3.52 oz, 1 Green olive paste 3.17 oz, 1 Red fruits fine jam 3.88 oz, 1 Hédiard blend tea 3.52 oz, 1 Dark chocolate from Tanzania bar (75% cocoa min.) 2.82 oz, 1 Pure butter "ga..
SGD 259.00 Ex Tax:SGD 242.06
Points: 1355
In a Hediard Gift Box: Organic salmon rillettes 90g Duck rillettes with 25% foie gras 190g Black olive tapenade 110g Aubergine caviar 90g Mini toasts 90g Roasted and salted blanched almonds 90g "Citron" Bella Syrup with lemon and lime 25cl Box of 16 fruit jellies 1..
SGD 290.00 Ex Tax:SGD 271.03
Points: 2051
In a wicker basket: Whole duck foie gras 180g Hédiard Grand Cru Champagne 75cl Summer truffle flavoured salt 45g, Rose Syrup 25cl Scallops rillettes 90g Mushroom and truffle delight 100g Mini Toasts 90g Artichoke delight 100g Box of 16 fruit jellies 160g ..
SGD 439.00 Ex Tax:SGD 410.28
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