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Small Gift Sets

Small Gift Sets
Champagnes, foie gras, teas, fruit pasta... our best delicatessen products selected for their authenticity and excellence are sublimated in the iconic gift boxes of Maison Hediard. A moment of wonder to offer or taste.
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3 Assorted Teas

A perfect tea assortment to offer or to share : Apple flavoured tea, Breakfast tea, Hediard Blend te..

SGD 29.90 Ex Tax: SGD 27.94

Singapore Blends Tea Set

In a box, a set of 3 tins of 25gr each:SINGAPORE FRUITY BLEND A beautiful blend of black teas with..

SGD 32.90 Ex Tax: SGD 30.75

Choc Jam

In a Hediard red metal box 195x130x63mm (124009)1 dark chocolate mini-bar from Tanzania 75% cocoa 35..

SGD 37.00 Ex Tax: SGD 34.58

Et Voila!

In a Hediard Paris Metal box:1 Apple tea tin 25g1 Hediard blend tea tin 25g1 Tanzania bar 35g1 Nouga..

SGD 39.90 Ex Tax: SGD 37.29

Tea Time Fruité

In a Hediard red metal box:1 Measuring spoon 1 Hediard blend tea 1 Mini jar jam apricot 1 Min..

SGD 42.00 Ex Tax: SGD 39.25

Les 4 Delices Legumes Gift-Set

In a Hediard Gift Box:Dry Tomato Delight 110g Black olive tapenade 110g Artichoke delight ..

SGD 47.90 Ex Tax: SGD 44.77

Mustards Lovers

In a rectagular red Hediard tinJar of old grainy mustard 100gr Jar of Dijon extra strong mustar..

SGD 48.50 Ex Tax: SGD 45.33

Tasting Time

In a Hediard red Metal Box - 195 X 130 X 63 mm - (124009):Hediard Mini Bar Of Nougat - (111665)Milk ..

SGD 48.50 Ex Tax: SGD 45.33

Red Fruits tea essentials

In a Hediard square box:1 Jar of Raspberry jam 375gr1 Tin of four red fruits tea 100gr:A very beauti..

SGD 49.90 Ex Tax: SGD 46.64