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Tea, jam, fruit jellies, the finest chocolates, caviar, Champagne, wine, spices and condiments... all our products selected for the excellence of their ingredients, recipes and manufacturing methods. Gathered in elegant gift baskets, hampers and boxes, they are exceptional gourmet gifts. Hediard is renown internationally for its excellence in gifts creation since 1935. All our gifts, for every occasion, will enchant your recipients. From the surprise effect of our beautifully-crafted gift boxes to the traditional gift-basket presentations, a gift from Hediard is always a delight for the ones you care about.

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Points: 163
In a Hediard Luxe Rectangular Paper Bag - Ss - 220x100x250mm - (124094)In a metal tin in the shape of the Hediard Parisian shop “place de la Madeleine” 122x77x143mm (124659)Hediard Blend (Flavored And Blend Tea In Square Tins 25 Gr) - (3326)Flowers Mini-Honey 30g - (32401)Pineapple Shaped Tea Strain..
SGD 34.90 Ex Tax:SGD 32.62
Points: 196
In a Hediard red metal box: 1 Measuring spoon 1 Hediard blend tea 1 Mini jar jam apricot 1 Mini jar raspberry jam ..
SGD 42.00 Ex Tax:SGD 39.25
Points: 308
In a Hediard red metal box 195x130x63mm (124009)1 tin of afternoon tea 25g (3321)1 tin of 4 red fruits tea 25g (6429)1 dark chocolate mini-bar from Tanzania 75% cocoa 35g (124389)1 milk and praline chocolate mini bar 40% cocoa 35g (124386)1 box of cocoa shortbreads pure butter 35g (126474)1 box of 8..
SGD 66.00 Ex Tax:SGD 61.68
Points: 435
In a Medium Size Hediard hat box (126561): 1 Hediard Blend tea 1.05 oz, 1 4 Red Fruits Blend tea 1.05 oz, 1 Raspberry fine jam 1.48 oz, 1 Apricot fine jam 1.48 oz, 1 Almond thins 0.74 oz, 1 Hediard plain "petits beurre" 0.56 oz, 1 Flower s honey 1.48 oz, 1 Dark chocolate bar from Tanzania 75..
SGD 93.00 Ex Tax:SGD 86.92
Points: 467
In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag - Ms - 300x160x310mm - (124093)Red Hat Box S D220xh120mm - (126561)Earl Grey Tea - Iron tin 25g - (3329)Ceylan Pekoe Orange - Metal Box 25g - (3327)Green Tea from China Tin 25g - (3340)Orange Marmalade 110gr - (126449)Praline And Hazelnuts Coated With Milk Chocolate 45g - ..
SGD 99.90 Ex Tax:SGD 93.36
Points: 486
In a Hediard Gift Box: Earl Grey tea 125g, Sliced orange peel marmalade 110g Pure butter waffles from Flandres 50g Hazelnut spread 100g, Cherry biscuits 140g Williams pear from Monts du Lyonnais nectar 25cl ..
SGD 104.00 Ex Tax:SGD 97.20
Points: 650
In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag - Bs - 380x220x390mm - (124092)Red Gift Box 2b H LOGO - 325x185x130mm - (126560)Whole Duck Foie Gras Sc Glass Jar 70g - (32352)Sweet Onion From Cévennes Stewed - (126566)Artichoke Paste 100g - (126491)INDIA DARJEELING TEA IRON TIN 125 G - (8880)Apricot From Provence Fine J..
SGD 139.00 Ex Tax:SGD 129.91
Points: 650
In a Hediard Gift Box: Whole duck foie gras 50g Fig from Solliès P.D.O chutney 100g Biscuits with Cantal cheese 120g Box of 9 fruit jellies 90g Pure butter waffles from Flandres 50g, Red fruits flavoured tea 125g Strawberry fine jam 110g ..
SGD 139.00 Ex Tax:SGD 129.91
Points: 664
In a Hediard red rectangular box: 1 clear bag with hazelnuts praline 200gr  1 clear bag with almonds coated with milk chocolate 200gr  1 box of pure butter wafers 75gr  1 box of milk chocolate coated crepes dentelle from Britany 100gr  1 box with 20 crystal teabags Darjee..
SGD 142.00 Ex Tax:SGD 132.71
Points: 715
In a Hediard wooden box: 1 Block of duck foie gras 50g, 1 Spices "Celebration Blend" (with mill) 2.64 oz, 1 Sheep s cheese sticks 1.41 oz, 1 Sweet red pepper and olive tapenade 3.17 oz, 1 Hediard Blend tea 1.05 oz, 1 Red fruits fine jam 1.48oz, 1 Apricot fine jam 1.48oz, 1 Almond thins 0.74o..
SGD 153.00 Ex Tax:SGD 142.99
Points: 869
In a Hediard hat box: 1 Caramel spread salted butter 3.52 oz, 1 Strawberry fine jam 3.88 oz, 1 Afternoon tea 3.52 oz, 1 Hot chocolate with spices 55% cocoa 7.05 oz, 1 "Les Creations de Ferdinand - Hediard Blend" ground coffee 8.81 oz, 1 Milk chocolate coated "crêpes dentelle" 3.52 oz, 1 Pure ..
SGD 186.00 Ex Tax:SGD 173.83
Points: 921
In a Hediard Gift Box: Hédiard blend tea 125g Box of 9 fruit jellies 90g Whole duck foie gras 50g Mango and Sichuan pepper chutney 110g 1 Hédiard Brut Champagne 37.5cl Lemon shortbreads in a Hédiard Madeleine tin 60g, Box of 4 chocolates 40g. ..
SGD 197.00 Ex Tax:SGD 184.11
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