Cakes & Biscuits

Cakes & Biscuits

Traditional recipes from several nations are matched by our own Hediard traditions. You may find choosing something of a chore.

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"Petit Bonhomme" - Hediard Gingerbread Man

This cute little gingerbread man offers a moreish melt-in-the-mouth texture with flavors of cinnamon..

SGD 4.90 Ex Tax: SGD 4.58

Pure Butter Cocoa Shortbreads

Hédiard invites you to discover this delicious pure butter cocoa shortbread. Combining the tradition..

SGD 5.90 Ex Tax: SGD 5.51

Pure Butter Waffles from Flandres

These waffles, both melty and crispy, are the heritage of a long Flanders tradition where every fami..

SGD 7.90 Ex Tax: SGD 7.38

Pure butter Sarthe shortbread

The recipe of shortbread, a pure butter biscuit, has been passed on from generation to generation. T..

SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30

Butter Sarthe shortbread with chocolate chips

The recipe of shortbread, a pure butter biscuit with chocolate drops, has been passed on from genera..

SGD 11.90 Ex Tax: SGD 11.12

Amarena Cherry Biscuits

This delicious pure butter biscuit with a delicate scent of cherry is made using a traditional recip..

SGD 12.90 Ex Tax: SGD 12.06

Milk Chocolate Coated Crispy Lace Cookies from Britanny

Brittany, Earth of culture and tradition offers you its delicious "Crêpes dentelle", an old regional..

SGD 12.90 Ex Tax: SGD 12.06

Orange Biscuits

This delicious pure orange butter biscuit is made with over 13% candied orange according to a tradit..

SGD 12.90 Ex Tax: SGD 12.06

Lemon Shortbreads

Our delicious shortbread biscuits with Sicilian lemon zest are made according to traditional methods..

SGD 19.90 Ex Tax: SGD 18.60