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Spices, Herbs, Peppers, Salts & Seasoning

Spices, Herbs, Peppers, Salts & Seasoning
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Black Peppercorns
-50 %
Points: 84
Black Peppercorn is characterized by a warm and strong taste in the mouth bewitching fragrance has long attracted lovers of good taste. Pepper is a vine that grows in tropical countries and has small round fruits: the Piper nigrum. Harvested before fully ripe, the berries are still green are careful..
SGD 17.90 SGD 8.95 Ex Tax:SGD 8.36
Malabar Black Pepper
-20 %
Points: 84
Hediard applies to seek the best for its selection of spices, by looking for these rare commodities at their origins. Malabar Black Pepper is often regarded as the oldest representative of this spice. It is on the Malabar Coast in India that is grown this exceptional black pepper plant. Picked befor..
SGD 17.90 SGD 14.32 Ex Tax:SGD 13.38
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