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Let your taste buds travel with Hédiard’s new range of seafood products, ideal for starters and canapes!


Organic Salmon Rillettes
-20 %
Points: 60
Maison Hédiard invites you to discover these salmon rillettes from organic agriculture. Farmed salmon are reared in a hatchery in optimal conditions with an organic diet. Produced with over 60% of generous fish fillets nature and smoked and organic ingredients, this recipe provides a soft texture an..
SGD 12.90 SGD 10.32 Ex Tax:SGD 9.64
Points: 60
Hediard scallops rillettes are cooked with strictly selected ingredients. Prepared in Brittany with salted butter, crème fraiche and spices, theses smooth rillettes offer iodic freshness and a delicate flavour. These rillettes are ideal in verrine or on toasts for your aperitif. They can also b..
SGD 12.90 Ex Tax:SGD 12.06
Points: 70
Maison Hédiard selected this velvety soup made with generous amounts of scallops ("noix de Saint Jacques" as they are known in France). Slowly cooked in white wine with fresh onions and a touch of crème fraiche from Brittany (France), this recipe is characterized by the intensity of its taste and it..
SGD 14.90 Ex Tax:SGD 13.93
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