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Herbs And Spices Salt

This Guerande Herbs and Spices Salt, a speciality from Ile de Re, is so called due to the addition o..

SGD 17.90 SGD 8.95 Ex Tax: SGD 8.36

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is extremely pure and has a light flavour. The sparkling pink crystals, extracte..

SGD 17.90 Ex Tax: SGD 16.73

Celebration Blend

To enhance the special dishes of the festive season, Hédiard has dreamed up a surprising blend with ..

SGD 19.90 Ex Tax: SGD 18.60

Coarse Salt

Coarse Salt is a mix of the best Guerande sea salt and espelette chili. This combination of the fres..

SGD 19.90 Ex Tax: SGD 18.60

Walk Amongst The Flowers

Salt and flowers blend.Brighten up potato and pasta based dishes with this flowery salt blend. It is..

SGD 19.90 Ex Tax: SGD 18.60

Walk In The South Of France

Salt and flowers blend.A colourful salt blend particularly adapted to fish based dishes and to steam..

SGD 19.90 Ex Tax: SGD 18.60

Flower Salt From Guerande 250gr

Flower salt, the natural daughter of the sun and the wind, is a salt of exceptional quality. Its cry..

SGD 24.90 Ex Tax: SGD 23.27