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Mustards & Condiments

Mustards & Condiments

Since an excellent mustard can enhance the most classic dishes by revealing unexpected flavours, let yourself be charmed by the wonders of Maison Hédiard. Pink berries, or saffron, succumb to their subtle and delicate aromas. A great moutarde can fashion a feast of the humblest fare or enhance the elevated to yet greater heights. The same may be said for our champion chutneys and confits.

Points: 60
Hot Pepper From Espelette Mustard..
SGD 12.90 Ex Tax:SGD 12.06
Points: 70
Pour son chutney de mangue, la Maison Hédiard a associé la mangue Alfonso et le poivre de Sichuan. Avec des notes citronnées et boisées en fin de bouche, ce poivre apporte de la fraîcheur aux notes sucrées de la mangue. L'alliance de ce fruit exotique à la chair juteuse et de la saveur unique du poi..
SGD 14.90 Ex Tax:SGD 13.93
Points: 70
First onion in Europe to receive a DOC and a PDO since July 2008, the sweet onion from Cévennes has been selected by Hédiard for its tenderness and sweet flavour. The juicy texture of this onion offers, once simmered, a luscious chestnut savour.This sweet onion confit can be enjoyed with Hédiard’s d..
SGD 14.90 Ex Tax:SGD 13.93
Points: 88
The secret of Hediard s great mustard lies in traditional manufacturing and in skilled selection of raw materials.This excellent mustard goes well with red meat, salad sauces...
SGD 18.90 Ex Tax:SGD 17.66
Points: 130
This Truffle mustard is ideal on cold meats or in sauces, where the subtle truffle aroma makes itself gradually known. ..
SGD 27.90 Ex Tax:SGD 26.07
Points: 227
In a rectagular red Hediard tin Jar of old grainy mustard 100gr Jar of Dijon extra strong mustard 100gr Jar of Provence herbs mustard 100gr   ..
SGD 48.50 Ex Tax:SGD 45.33
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