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Appetizers, Nuts & Seeds

Appetizers, Nuts & Seeds

Hediard gives you a taste of its original and delicious range of savoury biscuits, an opportunity for you to turn your aperitif into a real cocktail reception!

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Tomato Shortbreads

Tomato Shortbreads Hédiard invites you to discover a tasty shortbread lifted by an intense flavour o..

SGD 5.90 Ex Tax: SGD 5.51

Sheep Cheese Sticks By 8 (Box 40g)

A family recipe dating back to 1976, these delicate sticks have a soft texture and a pronounced shee..

SGD 6.90 Ex Tax: SGD 6.45

Savoury biscuits with Cantal cheese

This little shortbread of Maison Hédiard is made in France using traditional techniques and local in..

SGD 11.90 SGD 7.14 Ex Tax: SGD 6.67

Almonds & Nyons Olives Croquets from Provence

"Croquet de Provence" is a small savoury biscuit, finely cut with a crispy texture. The delicate ass..

SGD 8.90 Ex Tax: SGD 8.32

Olive Oil Gressini - Mini Breads 250g

Maison Hediard invites you to discover this iconic handmade product created in Italy in the area of ..

SGD 8.90 Ex Tax: SGD 8.32

Artichoke Delight 100g

Smooth and creamy, Maison Hédiard artichoke delight is made according to a handmade recipe with smal..

SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30

Black Olives Tapenade 100g

Maison Hédiard offers you handmade tapenade from Provence made with selected Mediterranean black oli..

SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30

Dried Tomato Delight 100g

Maison Hédiard invites you to discover this new recipe offering subtle flavours of sun dried Mediter..

SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30

Eggplant Caviar 90g

Handmade prepared in the beautiful region of Provence (France), this eggplant caviar selected by Mai..

SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30