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Malabar Black Pepper

Malabar Black Pepper | Hediard | Spices, Herbs, Peppers, Salts & Seasoning
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Malabar Black Pepper
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Date 31 Jul 2021
Hediard applies to seek the best for its selection of spices, by looking for these rare commodities at their origins. Malabar Black Pepper is often regarded as the oldest representative of this spice. It is on the Malabar Coast in India that is grown this exceptional black pepper plant. Picked before fully ripe, peppercorn is gently dried in the sun, thus gaining that black color it owns. The monitoring of all the manual production, the ancient knowledge and high product quality, make peppers of this region truly tasty and delicious.
Hediard Malabar Black Pepper, releases fine woody and fruity flavors that combine wonderfully with all sorts of dishes. Crushed just before serve, it deliciously enhances the taste of your traditional dishes of red meat or fish. This black peppercorn will also leave away all his musky scent with a touch of fine smoked aroma to cold meats and it is a fine accompaniment to salads. In spices blends it is a real revelation for marinades. The unique taste of this spice associated with a specific region of India, makes it a real "spice of the world".
The refined taste of the gourmet pepper chosen by Hediard, not only awakens your cooking sauces, which intensify the simplest dishes with amazing generosity of flavors, but also shows off all the benefit of black pepper. Try Malabar ground pepper in your fruity dessert creations, it will give them an inimitable hot and exotic touch.

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