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Hédiard fruits specialists select the best ingredients in order to deliver the noblest products to our customers. This year, Hédiard develops a new range of premium cordials made of carefully selected of fruits: Citruses and tropical fruits are picked from the best foreign agricultural productions, the promotion of French origin remains our priority. For his fruit cordials, our craftsmen use a traditional method. fruits are added sugar and water from the Chevreuse valley. Cordials do not contain any additive or food coloring assuring a unique quality of flavours.

Tasting suggestions: Enjoy the cordials on their own in order to distinguish all the aromas and the intensity of the fruits, dilute them with still or sparkling water to obtain a fresh drink that will please you during warm days or with sparking wine and Champagne for unique cocktails recipes. Last but not least, those cordials are ideal to complement your salads. A touch of Citron Bella cordial in vinaigrette sauce will bring a slightly acid note to the smoothness of olive oil. Likewise, a drop of Bourbon vanilla cordial will wonderfully flavor a fruit salad.

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Rose Cordial

Inspired by the delicate and subtle perfum of the « queen of flowers », Hédiard has created a syrup ..

SGD 19.90 SGD 9.95 Ex Tax: SGD 9.30

Maracuja passion fruit Cordial

Hédiard’s passion fruit syrup is made with Maracuja. Its flesh, squeezed by the syrup craftman, offe..

SGD 23.90 SGD 11.95 Ex Tax: SGD 11.17

Strawberry from France Cordial

For its hand-made strawberry syrup, Hédiard has selected French strawberries. From Mars to November,..

SGD 23.90 SGD 11.95 Ex Tax: SGD 11.17

Bourbon vanilla Cordial

Gourmet and aromatic, Hédiard Bourbon vanilla syrup is a delicious invitation to travel. The quality..

SGD 29.90 SGD 14.95 Ex Tax: SGD 13.97

Citron Bella Cordial

This Hédiard syrup made with lemon, lime and fresh mint is a creation of our syrup craftsman. The fr..

SGD 23.90 SGD 16.73 Ex Tax: SGD 15.64

Geranium Cordial

The elegant and surprising perfum of geranium has seduced Hédiard to create a new handcrafted syrup...

SGD 23.90 SGD 16.73 Ex Tax: SGD 15.64

Clementine from Corsica Cordial

Hédiard has selected clementine from Corsica, the unique French clementine, to produce this winter s..

SGD 23.90 Ex Tax: SGD 22.34

Orange Cordial

The Hédiard homemade orange syrup is made with oranges from Portugal or Spain, recognized for their ..

SGD 23.90 Ex Tax: SGD 22.34

Pear Cordial

For its handmade pear syrup, Hédiard has selected pears from France. Once pressed by our syrup craft..

SGD 23.90 Ex Tax: SGD 22.34