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Black Peppercorns

Black Peppercorns | Hediard | Spices, Herbs, Peppers, Salts & Seasoning
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Black Peppercorns
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Black Peppercorn is characterized by a warm and strong taste in the mouth bewitching fragrance has long attracted lovers of good taste. Pepper is a vine that grows in tropical countries and has small round fruits: the Piper nigrum. Harvested before fully ripe, the berries are still green are carefully selected and carefully dried in the sun. Hediard offers an exceptional selection of peppers, black beans only the most perfect are chosen to release a strong and round aroma. Unlike its cousins, white pepper, green pepper and red pepper, it has a lively taste that appears quickly in the mouth. Black Peppercorn adapts perfectly with red meats, used after cooking it will offer a touch of spicy heat to a fine marbled beef. Hediard has chosen a very special taste, with an ancestral know-how and the selection of the best products the authentic taste of pepper is preserved. The natural balance of sweetness and burning of pepper, makes it perfect for different dessert recipes fruit or chocolate. Pepper adds a touch of exotic spice to a salad with fresh strawberries and it will fit in perfectly with a citrus tart, leaving a subtle sparkle on the palate.

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