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Classic Chocolates

Classic Chocolates

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The dark chocolate shell we use for our chocolates was created specifically to emphasize the aromatic richness of the ganache, which ultimately have a slightly sweet taste. The shell contains 60% cacao cultivated in various parts of the world, has an intense taste and long chocolate notes. On the other hand, the milk chocolate shell is used for its sweet colour and taste. It has a very balanced flavour that is a testament to the filling inside.

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Box of 4 assorted fine chocolates

Combining intensity and sweetness, crispness and tenderness, this four chocolate box holds a delicio..

SGD 12.90 Ex Tax: SGD 12.06

Box of 12 assorted fine chocolates

Elegant and original, this chocolate box associates a palette of flavours to offer you a gourmet mom..

SGD 37.90 Ex Tax: SGD 35.42

Truffelines 150gr In Hat Box

These delicious tuffelines are a true praline chocolate delicacy liven up with a thin lace crepe. Th..

SGD 44.90 Ex Tax: SGD 41.96

Box of 20 assorted fine chocolates

Enjoy the Hédiard House’s best creations in this box composed of ganaches and pralines. From the swe..

SGD 54.90 Ex Tax: SGD 51.31

Box of 32 assorted fine chocolates

Highly varied, this thirty two chocolate box presents a large selection of flavours and textures. Th..

SGD 84.90 Ex Tax: SGD 79.35

Chocolate Truffelines box - 300g

These delicious tuffelines are a true praline chocolate sweetmeat liven up with a thin lace crepe. T..

SGD 84.90 Ex Tax: SGD 79.35

Box of 45 assorted fine chocolates

This selection of fourty five chocolates is the ideal assortment to discover Hédiard’s universe or i..

SGD 119.00 Ex Tax: SGD 111.22

La Decouverte "Drawers" Gift Box

Upon being opened, the cube box reveals its delicious treasures: three layers of chocolate, three la..

SGD 149.00 Ex Tax: SGD 139.25