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Chocolate Tablets & Bars

Chocolate Tablets & Bars

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The dark chocolate shell we use for our chocolates was created specifically to emphasize the aromatic richness of the ganache, which ultimately have a slightly sweet taste. The shell contains 60% cacao cultivated in various parts of the world, has an intense taste and long chocolate notes. On the other hand, the milk chocolate shell is used for its sweet colour and taste. It has a very balanced flavour that is a testament to the filling inside.

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Montelimar Nougat Fragments Milk Chocolate Bar 45gr

Bar of milk chocolate (cocoa. 40.5% min) with pieces of nougat. Pure cocoa butter. A snack of milk c..

SGD 8.90 Ex Tax: SGD 8.32

Praline And Hazelnuts Coated With Milk Chocolate 45gr

Hazelnut praline rocher coated in milk chocolate (cocoa: 40.5% min.) Pure cocoa butter. This mouthfu..

SGD 9.90 Ex Tax: SGD 9.25

Dark Chocolate From Tanzania 75% Cocoa 80gr

Dark chocolate (cocoa: 75% min), from Tanzania bar. Pure cocoa butter. Caring about the quality of ..

SGD 11.90 Ex Tax: SGD 11.12

Dark Chocolate Ganache 70% Cocoa 80gr

Dark chocolate filled with ganache (cocoa. 70% min). This dark chocolate, 70% cocoa offers the fine..

SGD 14.90 Ex Tax: SGD 13.93

Dark Chocolate Mango and Passion 70% Cocoa 80gr

Dark chocolate (cocoa: 70% min.) Filled with passion fruit and mango. Pure cocoa butter. This dark ..

SGD 14.90 Ex Tax: SGD 13.93

Dark Chocolate Raspberry 70% Cocoa 80gr

Dark chocolate filled with raspberry (cocoa. 70% min). Pure cocoa butter. More than squares, this d..

SGD 14.90 Ex Tax: SGD 13.93


In a medium square red box : Chocolate coated Brittany crispy lace biscuit – 100gr Milk ch..

SGD 84.50 Ex Tax: SGD 78.97