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Chocolate as a Corporate Gift

The many flavours of chocolate

Using the ingredients that are symbolic of the House: fruit, spices, tea and coffee, Hediard has created a collection of fine chocolates made from the finest cocoa from around the world selected by our expert. It is truly a journey to the land of perfection. These chocolates, veritable reflections of the history of Hediard, should be enjoyed like the passionate, exceptional treasures that they are.

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Hediard's expertise

The dark chocolate shell we use was created specifically to emphasize the aromatic richness of the ganaches, which ultimately have a slightly sweet taste. The shell contains 60% cacao cultivated in various parts of the world, has an intense taste and long cocoa notes. On the other hand, the milk chocolate shell is used for its sweet colour and taste. It has a very balanced flavour that is a testament to the filling inside.

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