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Fruit Jellies

Fruit Jellies
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Box Of 9 Fruit Jellies 90gr Box Of 9 Fruit Jellies 90gr
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Points: 84
Hediard invites you to rediscover it's fruit jellies with new fruity and gourmet flavours. The recipe has been reviewed, they are prepared with French fruits, selected for their taste quality: orange apricots from Provence and Williams pears from les Hautes-Alpes.Our fruit jellies are traditionally ..
SGD 17.90 SGD 12.53 Ex Tax:SGD 11.71
Points: 491
In a medium Hediard red square red box: Rabbit Cuddy Toy Moulin Roty  - (127254) Box of 9 calissons – 55gr Box of 9 Fruit Jellies – 90gr ..
SGD 105.00 Ex Tax:SGD 98.13
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