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Classic Chocolates

Classic Chocolates

Hediard Chocolates Awards

Maitre Chocolatier

Hédiard's fine chocolates are made using the very best grand cru cocoa beans. Their powerful flavors and velvety textures will delight the most sophisticated gourmet palates. From melting ganaches to delicate pralines, a wide range of confectionery specialties such as marrons glacés, calissons and orangettes are enhanced in Hédiard's luxury boxes. Prepared in our own workshops, our confectionary hampers encompass a wide range of sweet treats. They will delight the finest connoisseurs.

Brand: Hediard
In Hediard Collector Madeleine Tin, a mix of 4 Chocolate Fantasy Truffles:MACARON Truffle: Let yourself be surprised by the subtle aroma of the almond of the classic French macaroon.COCOA CHIPS Truffle: The intensity of pure cocoa in the melting truffle heart.HAZELNUT Truffle: This favourite dr..
SGD 48.00 Ex Tax:SGD 44.86
Brand: Hediard
In a Hediard Paris monuments round metal box:Almonds coated with shiny chocolate 280gr..
SGD 47.90 Ex Tax:SGD 44.77
Brand: Hediard
In a Hediard Luxe Gift Bag:Hediard Madeleine Tin filled with a mix of Dark chocolate cocoa pieces truffles in red shiny paper and Chocolate gold wrapping pearlsWeight: 250g..
SGD 64.00 Ex Tax:SGD 59.81
Brand: Hediard
In a Hediard Gift Box:Dark chocolate truffles with cocoa pieces wrapped in red aluminium foil300g..
SGD 69.00 Ex Tax:SGD 64.49
Chocolates & Fruit Jellies Celebration Chocolates & Fruit Jellies Celebration
Brand: Hediard
In a Hediard Red Gift Bag:Box of 12 assorted fine chocolates (126733)Box Of 9 Fruit Jellies 90gr (126418)..
SGD 58.20 Ex Tax:SGD 54.39
Brand: Hediard
In this gift box, the Hédiard House offers you a varied and fine treat. An assortment of nuts, coffee beans and grilled salty corn coated with dulcey, milk and dark chocolate will delight all chocolate lovers. 170g ..
SGD 44.90 Ex Tax:SGD 41.96
Brand: Hediard
Combining intensity and sweetness, crispness and tenderness, this four chocolate box holds a delicious and gourmet jewel. The delicacy of the fruity praline and the spicy notes of the ganache grand cru ally with the traditonal Hédiard milk and dark chocolate squares to offer a real balance of flavou..
SGD 12.90 Ex Tax:SGD 12.06
Brand: Hediard
In a Hediard Red Gift Box - (124436):4 Clear balls with: 4 Macaron truffle (blue), 4 Crepe truffle (pink), 4 Cocoa chips truffle (red), 4 Hazelnut truffle (purple)..
SGD 55.00 Ex Tax:SGD 51.40
Brand: Hediard
Enjoy the Hédiard House’s best creations in this box composed of ganaches and pralines. From the sweetness of the caramel and the power of the cocoa nibs to the fruity notes of apricot or passion fruit, this assortment is a real invitation to indulgence. Those twenty chocolates are ideal for a « tea..
SGD 54.90 Ex Tax:SGD 51.31
Brand: Hediard
Elegant and original, this chocolate box associates a palette of flavours to offer you a gourmet moment. Discover a chocolate assortment combining the aromatic power of the finest cocoa selected by the Hédiard House to the subtles notes of fruits or spices. This box is an ideal gift for a thoughtful..
SGD 37.90 Ex Tax:SGD 35.42
Brand: Hediard
This selection of fourty five chocolates is the ideal assortment to discover Hédiard’s universe or introduce it to a friend. Grand cru ganaches, fruity or spicy ganaches, pralines…: the best creations reunited in a box for an intense gourmet and sharing moment. The many flavours of chocolate: H..
SGD 119.00 Ex Tax:SGD 111.22
Brand: Hediard
Highly varied, this thirty two chocolate box presents a large selection of flavours and textures. The aromatic intensity of coffee, the crispness of almonds, the fruity of blackcurrant or the tenderness of the milk chocolate ganache thus offer a delicious tasting moment. The combination of the best ..
SGD 84.90 Ex Tax:SGD 79.35
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