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Montelimar Nougat Fragments Milk Chocolate Bar 45gr
-35 %
Points: 42
This confectionery combines the melting of milk chocolate with the crunch of Montélimar nougat chips for your greatest pleasure...
SGD 8.90 SGD 5.79 Ex Tax:SGD 5.41
Coconut Coated With Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 45gr
-35 %
Points: 46
Under a thin layer of dark chocolate 70% cocoa from the Dominican Republic, discover a gourmet heart made from grated Sri Lankan coconut and white chocolate. A real delicacy of delicacy. ..
SGD 9.90 SGD 6.43 Ex Tax:SGD 6.01
Dark Chocolate Mango and Passion 70% Cocoa 80gr
-40 %
Points: 70
Dark chocolate (cocoa: 70% min.) Filled with passion fruit and mango. Pure cocoa butter. This dark chocolate, 70% cocoa, hints of subtle blend of mango and passion fruit. This marriage of flavors gives this chocolate a refreshing fruity note. Bar of 80 g ..
SGD 14.90 SGD 8.94 Ex Tax:SGD 8.36
Box of 5 assorted fine chocolates Box of 5 assorted fine chocolates
#1 -33 %
Points: 70
Maitre ChocolatierCombining intensity and sweetness, crispness and tenderness, this four chocolate box holds a delicious and gourmet jewel. The delicacy of the fruity praline and the spicy notes of the ganache grand cru ally with the traditonal Hédiard milk and dark chocolate squares to offer a real..
SGD 14.90 SGD 9.98 Ex Tax:SGD 9.33
Coffee Beans Coated With Chocolate (200g)
-40 %
Points: 116
Let be seduced by these delicious coffee beans coated with milk chocolate. A selection of intense, well-balanced and persistant tastes, melting-in-the mouth and crunchy textures which you will sample with pleasure. To nibble with a coffee or a tea. ..
SGD 24.90 SGD 14.94 Ex Tax:SGD 13.96
Multicoloured almonds coated with chocolate Multicoloured almonds coated with chocolate
New -40 %
Points: 116
In a clear sealed cello bag:Multicoloured almonds coated with chocolate 200g..
SGD 24.90 SGD 14.94 Ex Tax:SGD 13.96
Gianduja And Cinnamon Almonds
-30 %
Points: 116
Let be tempted by this delicious blend: subtle balance between fine chocolate, soft almonds from Spain and raosted hazelnuts . A palette of well-balanced and exceptional flavours which will seduce the gourmets. Delicacies to nibble with a coffee or in pastry decoration. ..
SGD 24.90 SGD 17.43 Ex Tax:SGD 16.29
Truffelines in a Hat Box Truffelines in a Hat Box
New -30 %
Points: 247
This small hat box contains Hédiard's traditional Truffelines: truffles with a unique recipe of chocolate praline with hazelnuts from France and nougatine chips.Its secret - fine pieces of French lace crepes - bring a remarkable crispy note to these melting appetizers...
SGD 52.90 SGD 37.03 Ex Tax:SGD 34.61
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