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Spirits & Liqueurs

From renowned cognacs to great Armagnacs, rums and rare whiskies, the Hédiard Winery's spirits - iconic since the House's earliest days - continue to delight the finest connoisseurs. Traditional Normandy cider and Poiré, Limoncello d'Amalfi or Pineau des Charentes 15 years old, discover the favourites of our Chef de Cave on alcohols from the crafts of our regions and elsewhere.

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Points: 509
Produced in the Spanish Mediterranean, this gin begins with a barley neutral spirit. The botanicals, which include Arbequina olives, thyme, basil, and rosemary, are steeped in the spirit and distilled individually. It is then blended together where water and more neutral spirit is added.ALC: 40.0%RE..
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Points: 509
The Very Superior Old Pale is a blend of 60 different eaux-de-vie with the oldest being 15 years, and the youngest 4-5 years. It is aged for up to 15 years in French oak, giving it a deeper, richer color and oak notes on the nose and palate, but also lending more complexity to the spice and grape no..
SGD 109.00 Ex Tax:SGD 101.87
Points: 509
This cognac blends up to 400 different eaux-de-vie to create this XO cognac. It features eaux-de-vie aged 10-37 years with an average of 25 years of maturation. This XO is a Fine Champagne with 85% of the product sourced from the Grande Champagne region, the highest cru in Cognac and the remainder h..
SGD 109.00 Ex Tax:SGD 101.87
Points: 556
This Speyside Scotch from Dufftown is known for growing their own barley for malting, a tradition all but lost in the Highlands now. This release is aged in first fill ex-Bourbon casks, that have been selected specifically for their sweetness and vanilla aromas. "Each bottling forms a limited editio..
SGD 119.00 Ex Tax:SGD 111.22
Points: 556
Martell VSOP incorporates eaux-de-vie between four and seven years old, with the average age said to be closer to six years of age. The blend incorporates grapes from four of six Cognac crus, with an emphasis on the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne regions. This is contrary to most of Martell's line, ..
SGD 119.00 Ex Tax:SGD 111.22
Points: 603
Angostura 1824 is produced on the island of Trinidad from rich sugar cane molasses. Their rums are fermented for 48-72 hours and are distilled in continuous column-stills. Angostura 1824 is matured in first use, ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years before being blended and recasked. It is bo..
SGD 129.00 Ex Tax:SGD 120.56
Points: 678
This Glenvilet is aged much like the 12-year. That is to say in used (very used) ex-bourbon barrels, but for those three extra years it ages in new French Limousin oak which are typically used in Cognac production.ALC: 40.0%REGION: Scotland..
SGD 145.00 Ex Tax:SGD 135.51
Points: 888
This is an homage by Chivas Regal to the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. At 21 years, it is also the youngest in the Royal Salute line-up. Why 21 years old you might ask? 21 is an important designation as it refers to the 21-gun-salute, for generations a form of honor and respect to sovere..
SGD 190.00 Ex Tax:SGD 177.57
Points: 1678
Yamazaki is a single malt distillery, Japan's oldest, that utilizes several different sizes and shapes of stills and three varieties of wood to in which to age them. This bottling gets its influence primarily from American ex-Bourbon barrels, but ex Spanish Oloroso Sherry and Japanese Mizunara Oak b..
SGD 359.00 Ex Tax:SGD 335.51
Points: 1771
The components are a non-peated whisky aged in American oak, a non-peated whisky aged in ex-sherry/Spanish Oak, and a peated whisky aged in American oak. As such, the peat level goes down to a mild 7-9 ppm. Note: Announced in 2018, this product will be discontinued in some markets at some point begi..
SGD 379.00 Ex Tax:SGD 354.21
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