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Spirits & Liqueurs

Spirits & Liqueurs

From renowned cognacs to great Armagnacs, rums and rare whiskies, the Hédiard Winery's spirits - iconic since the House's earliest days - continue to delight the finest connoisseurs. Traditional Normandy cider and Poiré, Limoncello d'Amalfi or Pineau des Charentes 15 years old, discover the favourites of our Chef de Cave on alcohols from the crafts of our regions and elsewhere.

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Points: 210
This stellar Daiginjo has a nose filled with white peach, apples, grapes and pear. If we used a “Sake Social Partner’s Top Recommendation” system this sake would carry that title. A very soft pear tonality pervades this deeply complex sake that drinks as easy as a “wet dream.” A full-bodied sake wra..
SGD 65.00 Ex Tax:SGD 60.75
Points: 210
Ozeki Junmai Daiginjo is sake in its purest form-Junmai with no other alcohol additions and a Daiginjo that is the utopia of premium sake due to the polishing rate of the rice (over 50% of the kernel is removed). This combination brings a sophisticated flavor by combining ingredients and technique t..
SGD 65.00 Ex Tax:SGD 60.75
Points: 304
Ricard Pastis de Marseille -- often just called Ricard -- is made with Chinese star anise, Syrian licorice, and aromatic herbs from Provence. It was created in 1932 in Marseille by Paul Ricard for whom this pastis is named. Ricard is concentrated and is traditionally served with chilled water in a o..
SGD 65.00 Ex Tax:SGD 60.75
Points: 224
This grain based (wheat and rye) vodka is distilled in Russia and bottled and brought to proof in Latvia. It is filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand. ALC: 40.0%REGION: Russia..
SGD 65.00 Ex Tax:SGD 60.75
Points: 322
The subtle, harmonious marriage between carefully-distilled sweet oranges from Spain, orange blossom and an infusion of vanilla pods. The ingredients are blended with the greatest care and brightened up by food coloring to give the special, original mauve blue color.ALC: 25.0%REGION: France..
SGD 69.00 Ex Tax:SGD 64.49
Points: 257
A very pleasant chocolate liqueur that is more than anything like a cross between a chocolate “rocher” and a cup of thick classic drinking chocolate with just a spot of grappa. The aroma is rather distant, but the palate is strong, focused and not too sweet. Velvety rich chocolate with a slightly nu..
SGD 75.00 Ex Tax:SGD 70.09
Points: 304
Our most popular daiginjo sake needs to be tasted to be believed. The skilled sake masters at Gekkeikan have taken fresh spring water and two different types of premium sake rice and transformed them into Horin. This sake has a delicate, fruity nose with hints of cantaloupe, honeydew and honeysuckle..
SGD 89.00 Ex Tax:SGD 83.18
Points: 369
Grand Marnier is an orange liqueur made from a blend of cognac (51%) and bitter orange distillate (49%). To make this distillate, the bitter orange variety, citrus Bigaradia, is harvested and the peels are sun-dried. The orange liqueur is currently made by master blender Patrick Raguenaud who has he..
SGD 109.00 Ex Tax:SGD 101.87
Points: 397
Made from French winter wheat sourced from farms in Picardy in northern France. It is column-distilled and sent to Cognac where demineralized spring water from the region is added to bring the vodka to proof.ALC: 40.0%REGION: France..
SGD 119.00 Ex Tax:SGD 111.22
Points: 465
Angostura 1919 is named to refer to a time in the distillery’s history in which a great portion of the barrel aging facility and distillery were destroyed by a massive fire. Barrels with the age date of 1919 were spared. This rum is fermented for 48-72 hours before being distilled in continuous colu..
SGD 125.00 Ex Tax:SGD 116.82
Points: 444
From the illustrious Glenlivet distillery at Speyside's heart, aged for 12 years. The archetypal Speyside dram, honey and orchard fruit driven.ALC: 40.0%REGION: Scotland..
SGD 129.00 Ex Tax:SGD 120.56
Points: 603
Angostura 1824 is produced on the island of Trinidad from rich sugar cane molasses. Their rums are fermented for 48-72 hours and are distilled in continuous column-stills. Angostura 1824 is matured in first use, ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years before being blended and recasked. It is bo..
SGD 139.00 Ex Tax:SGD 129.91
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