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Ozeki Junmai-Daiginjo - Sake - 72cl

Ozeki Junmai-Daiginjo - Sake - 72cl | HEDIARD | Spirits & Liqueurs
Ozeki Junmai-Daiginjo - Sake - 72cl
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Ozeki Junmai Daiginjo is sake in its purest form-Junmai with no other alcohol additions and a Daiginjo that is the utopia of premium sake due to the polishing rate of the rice (over 50% of the kernel is removed). This combination brings a sophisticated flavor by combining ingredients and technique to create an easy to sip full-bodied sake. Fruity yet floral in aroma with subtle sweetness make this Junmai Daiginjo a rich flavorful experience.

ALC: 50.0%

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