Gifting in the corporate world can be challenging. A professional gift has to be appealing, personalized, elegant and most importantly, it needs to leave the receiver with a positive impression of you. Well, what about chocolates? Few people, if any, can turn down a carefully customized box of tasty chocolates. However, for corporate level chocolates to exude elegance, the finesse has to go beyond mere taste. The chocolates have to look beautiful, the packaging has to give out an aura of sophistication, and flavors need to be unique and delicately balanced. 

Hediard chocolates fulfill all of these criteria. These chocolates are not made from your average run off the mill cocoa. The distinctive flavor can be attributed to one important fact; the company has gone the extra mile to hire cocoa experts who hand-pick the best cocoa from different countries worldwide. As these chocolates typically contain 60% cacao, the quality of the cacao is of utmost importance. The generous use of cocoa also leaves you with an intense lingering chocolate aftertaste, especially if you opt for the dark chocolates. 

Exceptional ingredients:

Apart from cocoa, the other ingredients featured in these iconic chocolates are coffee, tea, a variety of spices and even fruit. There is definitely a wide selection to choose from with Hediard chocolates. A wide variety does not mean a compromise in quality as Hediard chocolates are beyond excellent in all aspects. Perfection is prioritized every step of the way, from finding the best ingredients possible to the careful manufacturing process that respects the delicateness of cocoa.

Custom presentations

This brings us to the one factor that makes chocolates the ultimate company gift - it can be completely customized! Gifting an employee that loves white chocolate? Order a white chocolate box. Heard through the grapevine that a new client you are trying to impress likes fruity flavors? Well, Hediard can put together a fruit flavored chocolate box for you, with fruity fillings encased in a milk chocolate shell. Are you looking to show appreciation for a supportive business partner? Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than a luxurious box of the darkest dark chocolates, perhaps with a hint of spice to cut through the rich ganache.

Business rewards and care giving

The importance of the corporate gift cannot be emphasized. The right gift could help seal deals with clients, motivate employees, and keep business partners close. All that said, there is nothing like a chocolate gift basket to bring joy and delight to the person receiving it. Gift others, or maybe even gift yourself, with these corporate chocolates. The customized chocolate box will surely delight the palate of the receiver, uplift his or her mood, and improve the work day for all.