For 200gr Glass Jar DUCK Foie gras semi-cooked

  • Raw duck liver 200gr
  • Hediard Four spices 2gr
  • Hediard Fleur de sel 5gr
  • Hediard White pepper 1gr
  • Hediard White sugar 1gr
  • Port wine 8ml
  • Cognac 6ml

For 200gr Glass Jar GOOSE Foie gras semi-cooked

  • Raw Goose liver 200gr
  • Tropique peppercorn Hediard 3gr
  • Fleur de sel Hediard 5gr
  • White pepper 1gr
  • White sugar 1gr
  • Port wine 7ml
  • Cognac (VSOP) 11ml

Preparation (seasoning, marinating)

Season the foie gras and marinate 1 night.


  1. Plunge the rubber bands alone in boiling water for 5 min. to sterilize them, take them out and leave them to cool down
  2. Weight the foie gras and put the right portion in each jars
  3. Close the jars by hooking them with the rubber band
  4. Lay out the jars in a pan next to the other BUT with chiffon or newspaper at the bottom and in between each jars to avoid that they break due to the boiling water pressure
  5. Several layers of jars on the top of the other can be done if protected from the others
  6. Put room temperature water until the top of the pan: all jars are immerged, under deck!
  7. Cover the pan with its normal cover
  8. Progressively make the water boil, start the cooking time from the moment water is boiling: 40 min – 1 hour cooking for 200gr
  9. Set the temperature at 80° if you want semi-cooked and 100° with 103° for cooked.
  10. When cooking time is ending, shut down the heat and leave the jars in the water to cool down until the water is room temperature to avoid the thermal shocks
  11. Take out the jars and test that the top can not open
  12. Wash the jars under water and put them in a cold room and then in the fridge
  13. We can use a normal big sauce-pan or a sterilize pan (sauce-pan with a thermometer).
  14. For the heat, we can use 1 induction (smaller sauce-pan) or a gaz tripod to allow the usage of a bigger pan.