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Hédiard has established its reputation as a luxury grocer through an authentic talent for selection and the artful presentation of its exceptional products throughout its 150 years of existence. This multi-facetted savoir-faire is worthy of any of the great French luxury houses.
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SelectionThe art of selecting the best products and rarest flavours has been at the core of Hédiard's success since it was founded by Ferdinand.He was among the first to choose his products from afar, developing a genuine expertise and raising knowledge of ingredients, provenance and the producer to new heights. This rigor in the quality of each product is the guiding principle for all our items.Sourcing the tastes of tomorrow, evaluating their flavor profiles to offer only the very best, which ..
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Exclusive RecipesThroughout its long history, Hédiard has developed its own recipes for its emblematic product range, each one an individual masterpiece.To achieve this, Hédiard has had several production laboratories, where recipes for its signature confections such as fruit jellies, preserves and syrups were perfected.Hédiard also pays particular attention to the creation of exclusive blends, whether in the realm of spices, teas, coffees or chocolates, so we can always offer the client fresh e..
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The Art of GivingIn 1935, Germaine Kusel, director of the company and descendent of Ferdinand Hédiard, had the wonderful intuition to create gift packs to enhance the beauty of the products yet more. « Madame Hédiard's baskets » were an instant hit amongst Parisian high society.As the years rolled by, the tradition of the gourmet gift basket continued to be refined, giving rise today to a genuine art of giving, in which luxurious presentation boxes bring out the best of our gourmet creations.Han..
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An Exceptional GiftThe talent of Hédiard is at its best in our prestige gift boxes, which are guaranteed to impress and push back the limits of the imagination.Rare wines, fine condiments and sweet treats make up these exceptional gifts, presented in a stunning chest.And with the option of tailored contents, the possibilities of fulfilling someone's dreams are infinite...
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ServiceHédiard's excellence is all about the men and women who are its taste advisers.Each is an expert in his or her own sector, and possesses unrivalled product knowledge, which they love to share.From the cellar master to the spice maestro, their passion is the soul of Hédiard...
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