For its 15th anniversary in Singapore, Hediard celebrates Valentine’s day of LOVE with an adorable couple of mice dressed with the classic red and white checkered print of Parisian bistro tables.

"In the Bloom team we are out of school Young women and mothers coming from Tondo, Manila. Our micro-activity is sewing products for babies, children and lovers. Thank you for supporting us!". With every selected Valentine gift set, Hediard OffERS you a couple of mice dolls and donates SGD 40.00 to LP4Y!


These dolls were hand-made by the Young women and mothers from the Bloom team of Tondo Life Project Center, in Manila.
Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) is a non-governmental organization, dedicated to the integration of Young adults, from 17 to 24, living in extreme poverty and victims of exclusion. Since 2009, we develop Life Project Centers close to the poorest areas of the cities, where the Youth can follow an educational program which gives them key skills to integrate the professional world. 
Through this pedagogy, the Youth manage together a micro-activity which is, most of the time, their first positive work experience.