Christmas 2018:

Every year since 1854, Hédiard celebrates Christmas with the same passion. With an intact requirement of its founder, a pioneer in new flavors creation, Hédiard aims at finding the most refined food and the rarest products to offer unique collections colored by prestige, know-how and tradition. Spices, fruit jellies, freshly roasted coffee, biscuits, spirits, exotic fruits, fruit compositions will decorate with magic your festive tables. Every ingredient and product is carefully selected around the world and then turned into exceptional dishes by the Hédiard‘s experts. To imagine this collection of Christmas 2018, Maison Hédiard has drawn inspiration from the confines of the forest. A world gourmet and surprising at the same time where mushrooms, berries, nuts and aromatic plants reveal a bouquet of flavors at the origin of authentic and daring recipes. Through delicious creations designed to enchant your holiday tables, "The Forest of Wonders" pays tribute to nature and sharing.