Hediard is orchestrating an historical renovation of its Place de la Madeleine 1870 Paris flagship store

& relocating its 2004 Singapore Cafe-Boutique.

Hédiard is remodeling its historic flagship of Place de la Madeleine in Paris to offer its international customers a whole new experience in the coming months. The site's renovation was entrusted to the French architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The Place de la Madeleine store's surface will triple, increasing the commercial area to more than 1,500sqm. In Singapore, Hediard opens temporary show-rooms for its products display during this renovation. During this period, all Hediard products remain available through its other retail and online channels (in Singapore, Hediard eStore, Hediard Collection Centre, Redmart, Jasons, Marketplace, ColdStorage Specialties and more in the coming months).

The mystical Parisian delicatessen reopens its doors on Place de la Madeleine in Paris, closed since 2015. The work in progress will allow Hediard to regain its splendour thanks to the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

The Austrian group Do&Co acquired the legendary brand in 2014. This company specialising in high-end airline catering with a turnover of more than €916.5 million is diversifying its activities.  Do&Co has been managing the catering of the most important sporting events for many years and collaborates with hotels, airlines and airports.

The Hediard house is evolving its concept while preserving its soul.  Its flagship products, fruit jellies, chocolates and jams will remain at the top of the bill. Hediard will be much more than a grocery store selling gourmet products, but will offer complete catering services. Hediard will become a leading figure in his talent as a restaurateur with fresh and homemade products.

The success of Hediard, place de la Madeleine will lead to the brand's deployment in other countries and other stores in France.