On 15 November 2015
Hédiard lights up the festive season

Inspired by Christmas markets and their profusion of sugary delights, the «Illuminations de Noël Hédiard» range brings a subtle blend of spices to our recipes. Ginger, cinnamon, and cloves make up these old-fashioned scents, with a magical touch of fruited flavors.

A range of ten treats - tea, jam, and other delights - to bring a sparkle to any festive table, will excite the taste buds of every discerning gourmet.

Meet the «Illuminations de Noël Hédiard» collection

Hot chocolate

An original chocolate beverage whose unique preparation method will amaze: fine pearls of rich-tasting chocolate to be sprinkled on a warm milk so they gently melt. 

This velvety hot chocolate is a magical indulgence to discover, and it can be enhanced to taste with a selection of spices.


How can you add surprise to a traditional Christmas meal? 

This original chutney makes a wonderful impression with its bold recipe using apricots and a combination of spices in a gingerbread style. With a subtle sweet-and-sour flavor, it is both an ideal and unexpected accompaniment to a Hédiard foie gras.


For a sweet start to the day or a delicious tea-time treat, a jam with an authentic flavor is essential, and Hédiard has the ideal fruity recipe. 

A perfectly balanced combination of ripe, dark figs with soft-fleshed white grapes gives this artisanal jam an exceptionally delicate taste.


This blend of black teas is deliciously flavored with vanilla and caramel, underscored by a hint of clove and cinnamon. 

This sweet tea with a bewitching aroma is a welcome winter warmer, for some exquisite shared moments amongst family and friends.

Gold coins

The chocolate gold coin is a Christmas classic and a traditional gift to delight chocolate lovers of all ages. 

The twinkling sachets bring back memories of childhood, while the tender milk chocolate will delight the taste buds. Always a pleasure to discover or rediscover.

Monsieur Ferdinand H.

A nod to the founder Ferdinand Hédiard, this charming little gingerbread man offers a moreish melt-in-the-mouth texture with flavors of honey, cinnamon and ginger. 

It's so cute and tasty that he's simply impossible to resist!

Mini-panettone by Loison

A Hédiard favorite: the panettone from La Maison Loison, traditionally served in Italy during the festive season. 

Made in the authentic artisanal fashion using a recipe with butter and fresh eggs, it is an irresistible treat that comes wrapped in an iridescent satin bag.

« Gâteau à la broche »

The «Gâteau à la broche» is one of the delights of Christmas markets. 

Originally cooked over an open fire, its shape is due to the way it is made, with the dough being painted onto a rotating spit in a special oven. A genuine festive treat.

Cinnamon stars

Cinnamon biscuits with hazelnuts and almonds, and a subtle lemon glaze that provides an original touch. 

Delicious on their own, they are also the perfect match with a black tea or hot chocolate.


A classic teatime treat during the festive season, this luxury gingerbread offers an indulgent blend of honey and spices, enhanced by the subtle presence of succulent candied fruits.