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Hediard-Singapore 10 Oct 0 415
Christmas 2018:Every year since 1854, Hédiard celebrates Christmas with the same passion. With an intact requirement of its founder, a pioneer in new flavors creation, Hédiard aims at finding the most refined food and the rarest products to offer unique collections colored by prestige, know-how and tradition. Spices, fruit jellies, freshly roasted coffee, biscuits, spirits, exotic fruits, fruit compositions will decorate with magic your festive tables. Every ingredient and product is carefully selected around the world and then turned into exceptional dishes by the Hédiard‘s experts. To imagine this collection of Christmas 2018, Maison Hédiard has drawn inspiration from the confines of the forest. A world gourmet and surprising at the same time where mushrooms, berries, nuts and aromatic plants reveal a bouquet of flavors at the origin of authentic and daring recipes. Through delicious creations designed to enchant your holiday tables, "The Forest of Wonders" pays tribute to nature and..
Hediard-Singapore 10 Oct 0 729
Hediard is orchestrating an historical renovation of its Place de la Madeleine 1870 Paris flagship store& relocating its 2004 Singapore Cafe-Boutique.Hédiard is remodeling its historic flagship of Place de la Madeleine in Paris to offer its international customers a whole new experience in the coming months. The site's renovation was entrusted to the French architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The Place de la Madeleine store's surface will triple, increasing the commercial area to more than 1,500sqm. In Singapore, Hediard opens temporary show-rooms for its products display during this renovation. During this period, all Hediard products remain available through its other retail and online channels (in Singapore, Hediard eStore, Hediard Collection Centre, Redmart, Jasons, Marketplace, ColdStorage Specialties and more in the coming months)..
Hediard-Singapore 01 Oct 0 495
Hediard invites you to a new gourmet gifts retail experience at “LE KIOSQUE”, Scotts Square!Be part of Hédiard’s imminent enlargement by treating yourself to a visit to the new Hédiard gourmet and gifts shop opening in Scott’s Square right in Singapore’s bustling heart.Soak up a Parisian ambience while shopping among the tempting merchandise. Here, the discerning shopper can make selections in person for all sorts of made-to-order gifts, from the smaller stocking-filler item to an overflowing hamper. Guided by knowledgeable staff, you can shop confidently from tried and trusted Hédiard good items, perhaps daring to branch out into hitherto unknown flavours and products.The art of presentation is not overlooked:Hédiard’s signature shades of red and black set off every gift, in the form of immaculately put-together boxes secured with perfectly-tied bows. With convenient daily opening hours of 11.00am to 9.30 pm, the new Scotts Square "LE KIOSQUE" is set to be the go-to destination for se..
Hediard-Singapore 01 Oct 0 311
What if you could dream up your own Hediard gift?With our custom-designed creations, our House’s talent is best expressed with your wishes as our only guide. We can create exclusive designs for specific requests, from a gourmet product that meets the highest standards, to an infinitely luxurious gift box adorned with silk, crystal or porcelain.Our latest creation: a monumental one-metre-high egg made entirely out of chocolate, down to the tiniest detail.A work of art that makes a breathtaking gift...
Hediard-Singapore 01 Oct 0 285
Discover a new Hediard experience starting September 9th 2016 at Pedder on Scotts...
Hediard-Singapore 01 Oct 0 324
Hédiard Grand Cru to add fizz to EuroHediard Grand Cru Champagne, from Domaine de Mailly located in the Montagne de Reims region, has been selected for the UEFA EURO 2016 hospitality programme. Hediard Grand Cru Champagne has been selected for the UEFA EURO 2016 hospitality programme following a tender process.Hediard Grand Cru Champagne comes from Domaine de Mailly, located in the Montagne de Reims region. It was named Grand Cru in 1920, an honour shared by only 17 of the 319 villages in the Champagne region. Hédiard Grand Cru Champagne is composed of Pinot Noir (75%) and Chardonnay (25%), the grapes of which are hand-harvested. With a fruity nose, this high-quality Champagne is a perfect choice for what promises to be a festive tournament in France next summer.This partnership is the second between UEFA EURO 2016 and Hediard. The famous delicatessen house, taken over in June 2014 by Austrian group Do & Co, has also been chosen to ensure the delivery of various hospitality programmes ..
Hediard-Singapore 21 Nov 0 223
Les Malles d'ExceptionExceptional TrunksWith excellence the fundamental quality at the heart of all our products, it should come as no surprise that Hédiard also knows how to raise the art of giving into something unique. Discover all that is most precious and rare from Hédiard by opening up our boxes of wonder, full of the absolute best products in miraculous abundance. Because luxury resides in the finest details, the Hédiard trunks are highly symbolic: fine grain, precision stitching, and a deep and bright black. So many reasons to succumb to their legendary beauty who sublime as always our exceptional products. ..
Hediard-Singapore 15 Nov 0 318
On 15 November 2015Hédiard lights up the festive seasonInspired by Christmas markets and their profusion of sugary delights, the «Illuminations de Noël Hédiard» range brings a subtle blend of spices to our recipes. Ginger, cinnamon, and cloves make up these old-fashioned scents, with a magical touch of fruited flavors.A range of ten treats - tea, jam, and other delights - to bring a sparkle to any festive table, will excite the taste buds of every discerning gourmet.Meet the «Illuminations de Noël Hédiard» collectionHot chocolateAn original chocolate beverage whose unique preparation method will amaze: fine pearls of rich-tasting chocolate to be sprinkled on a warm milk so they gently melt. This velvety hot chocolate is a magical indulgence to discover, and it can be enhanced to taste with a selection of spices.ChutneyHow can you add surprise to a traditional Christmas meal? This original chutney makes a wonderful impression with its bold recipe using apricots and a combination of spic..
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