An exceptional collection of exclusive wines and limited editions.

Our in-house expert sommeliers are pleased to present the crus of Hédiard’s own collection.

A true French Artisan and Curator of the finest luxury food and drink experiences in France since 1854, and a selector of French wines and spirits, proposes more than 1,500 different wines in its cellars in Paris – from the most famous names to rare wines from estates where vineyard names are a carefully guarded secret.

For the wine-lover, whether a connoisseur or merely someone with a passionate interest, HÉDIARD’s cellar is full not only of great names to rediscover, but also of new discoveries of rare wines from France and elsewhere to share. Each wine in HÉDIARD’s cellar, whether it is for everyday drinking or for a special occasion, has been selected according to our own special procedure*.
In Singapore, HÉDIARD is presenting an exclusive selection of new HÉDIARD wines and champagnes. Some of the more precious rare cuvées are also available as limited editions on pre-order. This delightful prestige collection is the result of the choices and voting of our selection panel, whose members travel all over France meeting producers and tasting their wines so that they can select the most original and noteworthy wines they produce. The collection embodies HÉDIARD’s way of thinking and its expertise – seeking out and selecting the rarest wines, cuvées from both the best-known estates and those that are less well-known, buying new wines for the cellar that will become the most sought-after wines of the future. In selecting these wines, HÉDIARD’s Head Cellar Master and sommeliers, guided by their passion for wine, seek out the emotion, the meeting points and the balance of each wine, the expression of both the land on which it is produced and the person who has produced it, and exceptional skills that respect both the environment and the wine-lover.
To celebrate these crus, HÉDIARD has adopted a design that is unfussy, sophisticated and classy. New labels have been created to pay tribute to these wines – new jewels adorning an exceptionally varied cellar.
The HÉDIARD wines selection includes very special crus of an exceptional quality such as a HÉDIARD exclusive Margaux, a Beaune Premier Cru “Les Grèves”, a Sauternes “Château de l’Ecole”, a Grand Cru Ambonnay Extra Brut Champagne and more to come.

Guided by the same passion, Head Cellar Master Yannick Bourgade and HÉDIARD’s sommeliers discover, taste and select the new collections with the iron discipline of an expert’s panel. The members of HÉDIARD’s selection team are in direct contact with the wines producers that are as yet unknown as well as those that are already famous. They meet each month to share their discoveries with each other, and to assess the particular features of each wine. After tasting and discussion, each member votes – to be selected, the wines must receive a majority vote in their favour.
They are selected not only for their bouquet, flavour and colour, but also according to the details supplied by the estates on growing conditions, their choices in terms of methods used, and their skill. Selecting products for their excellence is HÉDIARD’s knowledge. The talent and skill of its sommeliers are just as important as the strict selection procedure applied by the panel. Of 80 samples pre-selected and tasted, generally only three or four go on to the next stage, and only half of these are finally included in HÉDIARD’s collections, for the greater pleasure of the more demanding palate. 

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