Ferdinand Hédiard: One man's adventure

Hediard is before all the passion of its creator Ferdinand Hédiard for rare and high quality products.

Born in 1832, he got involved at the age of 14 in the « Tour de France des compagnons » which led him to the port of Le Havre in 1848. There he discovered the spices and exotic fruits imported from the colonies. Mesmerized by these fabulous items, he immediately went to Paris to try to sell them.

He first settled his commodity in a cart at Place de la Victoire in Paris. Then, after a successful start, he opened his first store rue Notre Dame de Lorette in 1854, before investing the now famous 21 place de la Madeleine address in 1870. The Parisian high society rushed to discover Mr Hédiard's fantastic arrivals. This is the beginning of an adventure.