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Hediard-Singapore 29 Mar 0 68
Gifting in the corporate world can be challenging. A professional gift has to be appealing, personalized, elegant and most importantly, it needs to leave the receiver with a positive impression of you. Well, what about chocolates? Few people, if any, can turn down a carefully customized box of tasty chocolates. However, for corporate level chocolates to exude elegance, the finesse has to go beyond mere taste. The chocolates have to look beautiful, the packaging has to give out an aura of sophistication, and flavors need to be unique and delicately balanced. Hediard chocolates fulfill all of these criteria. These chocolates are not made from your average run off the mill cocoa. The distinctive flavor can be attributed to one important fact; the company has gone the extra mile to hire cocoa experts who hand-pick the best cocoa from different countries worldwide. As these chocolates typically contain 60% cacao, the quality of the cacao is of utmost importance. The generous use of cocoa al..
Hediard-Singapore 25 Mar 0 68
Caviar is still considered the ultimate refined ingredient of a prestigious party or dinner. Sturgeon fishing is a traditional practice and it is this ancestral fishing technique which is mainly responsible for the caviar quality. The quality process: Sturgeons are quickly laid down on the back to avoid squashing the eggs, then cleaned with a jet of water and their abdomen is opened to take out the caviar. The caviar eggs are then strained and the “Sturgeon master” studies carefully their firmness, size and color and will decide to classify them as a first or a second quality. He then proceeds to one of the most delicate operations: the preservation salting. He fills in delicately round metallic cans only 2 hours after the sturgeon was out of the water. Eggs coming from 2 different fishes are never mixed together. The Tasting: The caviars are chosen by in perfectly fresh and hygienic conditions. Beluga, Sevruga, Oscietre, Oscietre Royal, we advise our Customers following their own pref..
Hediard-Singapore 22 Mar 0 77
With excellence the fundamental quality at the heart of all our products, it should come as no surprise that Hédiard also knows how to raise the art of giving into something unique. Discover all that is most precious and rare from Hédiard by opening up our boxes of wonder, full of the absolute best products in miraculous abundance. Because luxury resides in the finest details, the Hédiard trunks are highly symbolic: fine grain, precision stitching, and a deep and bright black. So many reasons to succumb to their legendary beauty who sublime as always our exceptional products.Malle “LA QUINTESCENCE”Give something exceptional and offer the pleasure that comes from extreme quality and the enchantment of plenty. “The Quintessence” Gift Box is the perfect meeting of two ideas, and allows you to discover the complete range of Hédiard’s signature products. The quintessence of our experience in wine, confectionery and food.   Malle “LA LÉGENDE”The widest selection of products, the most authent..
Hediard-Singapore 22 Mar 0 82
An exceptional collection of exclusive wines and limited editions.Our in-house expert sommeliers are pleased to present the crus of Hédiard’s own collection.A true French Artisan and Curator of the finest luxury food and drink experiences in France since 1854, and a selector of French wines and spirits, proposes more than 1,500 different wines in its cellars in Paris – from the most famous names to rare wines from estates where vineyard names are a carefully guarded secret.For the wine-lover, whether a connoisseur or merely someone with a passionate interest, HÉDIARD’s cellar is full not only of great names to rediscover, but also of new discoveries of rare wines from France and elsewhere to share. Each wine in HÉDIARD’s cellar, whether it is for everyday drinking or for a special occasion, has been selected according to our own special procedure*.In Singapore, HÉDIARD is presenting an exclusive selection of new HÉDIARD wines and champagnes. Some of the more precious rare cuvées are al..
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