1935 Hédiard invents
the art of the gift box

After Max, his son Jean Kusel took over the business and continued his father's pursuit of new products. He developed the production of fruit syrups and candied fruit.

But it was the creativity of his sister Germaine which allowed Hédiard to innovate in a very particular sector: gifting. Her most influential creation was the Hédiard basket, an extravagantly exotic cornucopia which quickly established itself as the essential offering for any social invitation. These baskets were the precursor of the gift box in all its forms.

Cocteau, Diaghilev and Paul Morand were among the first to gift these baskets, declaring themselves friends of the magnificent and sophisticated «Madame H.»

Germaine Kusel's fruits hampers
Germaine Kusel's fruits hampers

(Portrait of Jean Kusel and Germaine Kusel's fruits hampers)