1890 Max Kusel: fruit jellies
to perfection

By then, Ferdinand Hédiard's son-in-law Max Kusel had taken over running the store. It was during the Universal Exhibition of 1890 that Kusel first came across fruit jellies on the Brazil stand.

At the time a genuine luxury product, Kusel first planned to import jellies from Brazil, but he then resolved to master the production process and make them himself. He and his team worked tirelessly to develop the perfect recipe: A melt-in-the-mouth jelly with an intense flavor. The fruit jellies were made and moulded on a daily basis in an adjacent workshop, using fresh ingredients sold in the boutique.

Max Kusel continued to invent more original products: Spices, herbs and peppers were sold in little bottles; an old coffee machine was used to roast dried fruit which was then rolled in Arabic gum before being salted, dried and sold. The Hédiard store was a place for all kinds of discoveries.

(Family portrait of Max Kusel, his wife and their childrens)