1870 Hediard opens on
Place de la Madeleine

Ferdinand Hédiard acquired a second store in 1870, on Place de la Madeleine. Since the end of the Church of the Madeleine restoration work, the neighbourhood had become very fashionable and the Place de la Madeleine a hub of Parisian gastronomy.

In 1886, the store in Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette was sold. The store in Place de la Madeleine became the Hédiard flagship, which it still remains, a century-and-a-half later. The Hédiard store in the Place de la Madeleine offered a wide range of exotic products, which gave the premises a special atmosphere. Hédiard became a destination in itself, and Ferdinand's success was dazzling.

Inside the Hédiard boutique at Place de la Madeleine in Paris

Parisians flocked to this unique delicatessen, fascinated by the exceptional products on display and hungry to discover the new taste experiences offered by the store. A loyal clientele of celebrities contributed to Hédiard's reputation: Colette, Lucien Guitry, Marlène Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, and Tristan Bernard were among the regulars.

Portrait de Colette Lettre manuscrite de Colette

(The famous Place de la Madeleine in Paris, back in the 1880 and Colette)