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Abalone - South Africa - Braised - 400g (8)

Abalone - South Africa - Braised - 400g (8) | New Moon | Auspicious Products
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Abalone - South Africa - Braised - 400g (8)
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A true Singapore delicacy suitable for any festive occasion, New Moon abalones have become synonymous with freshness, great-tasting and of exquisite quality.

The country of origins impacts the taste profile and texture of abalones. Purity, quality of seawater and the intensity of ocean current are just some of the many elements that give abalones its unique taste and characteristics. Harvesting the World of Abalones, from the Freshest of Oceans.  Sourced only from the purest of oceans, the best-in-class, premium-grade abalones you can trust from the world to your table. 

South Africa Abalone

New Moon South African Abalone, also known as Perlemoen is endemic to South African Waters. The Abalone has a fresh flavour and a cream coloured appearance. The fresh succulent texture of the Abalone is one of the characteristic attribute of New Moon South African Abalone. Abalone processed under optimal conditions without addition of preservatives ensures the natural taste and texture of Abalone are preserved. Comes in both braised and brined, New Moon Braised South Africa Abalone is double-boiled and infused with scallop to embody the taste and flavour of a gourmet feast.

Commemorating the brand’s 60th anniversary, New Moon has launched a NEW and EXCLUSIVE South Africa Abalone Gold Edition. Sustainably harvested in clean, pristine Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the revered Haliotis Midae breed of abalones are cultivated and canned within certain timeframe for consistency in size and texture, thus ensuring optimal freshness and locking in the irresistible taste of the South Africa abalones. The succulent South Africa abalones are thoughtfully prepared using the traditional double-boiled (‘bain marie’) method. This allows the nutrients and exquisite flavor to be extracted and preserved.

Delectable, 100% natural and packed with numerous health benefits, New Moon South Africa Abalone Gold Edition is the par excellence among other sustainable harvested South Africa abalones, worthy to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary in limited-edition champagne gold plated can.

Allergy Information: Contains Shellfish.

Storage condition: Store in a cool and dry place.

Preparation: Ready to eat and cook.

Ingredients: Superior Sauce (Seaweed Stock), Tapioca Starch, Yeast Extract, Gelatine, Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat Flour, Sugar, E150a), Oyster Sauce (Water, Sugar, Oyster Extract, Soybean Extract, Salt, E1422, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract, E150c, E270), Malt Sugar, Xanthan Gum), Abalone, Salt, Scallops.

About New Moon

New Moon enjoys a leading market share of the abalones category in Singapore for a simple reason – quality of its abalones. At New Moon, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Once you open a can, you can trust New Moon to provide the flavor, tenderness and consistency that satisfies the highest standards. Renowned for its quality since 1959, New Moon is the only abalone brand accredited with the Number 1 Best Selling rank in Singapore.

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Date 16/09/2023

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