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Auspicious Gifts

Auspicious Gifts

The New Collection to wish them
Luck, Fortune, Success, Happiness, Prosperity & Health

The Hédiard trademark dates back to the company’s original inception in 1854 when it was founded by Ferdinand Hédiard. As a Paris-based international retailer of high-class food and drink, Hédiard has been tantalizing the taste buds of amateur gourmands for many years, and no less so than in Singapore. Here, well-heeled and taste-conscious customers frequent the Hediard Boutique. With the Chinese Lunar New Year on the horizon, anyone wishing to make an impact with their gifts – whether personal or corporate - has at their fingertips a fascinating range of gift hampers and boxes all with the prestigious Hédiard hallmark.

The exquisite contents provide delicious samples of French gastronomy, while the tasteful packaging in a classy shade of red celebrates in a restrained way the upcoming year. Some of our gift hampers also include traditional Nian Gao, Abalone and Pineapple tarts.


In a Hediard Red Hat Box - (126563): Box Of 9 Mini-Calisson  - (122989)Box Of 20 Chocolates 190 G - (126734)Ferdinand Golden Coins Milk Choco - (124279)Multicoloured Chocolate Lentils - (112126)5 Sugar Sticks - (123370)Sugar Coated Fine Almonds Multicolored - (112127)Clear Box Of 3 Candied Ches..
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